Stoned Wars Poster Weights - Limited Edition of 200

Regular price $64.99

You'll receive 4 EMPTY fabric bags. One end of each bag has a Velcro closure. We've designed the bags to be filled by the customer to make shipping more affordable (especially for international customers). As an added bonus, you get to fill them with whatever you'd like! Here are a few suggestions: 

- Uncle Owen's ashes
- Chewie's butt plug
- R2-D2's "third leg"
- Greedo's Bacne
- Adm. Ackbar's calamari collection
- Jar Jar's PoopPoops
- Grogu's frog eggs
- Jabba's colostomy bag
- Princess Leia’s Obi-BenWa balls
- Tusken Raider butt-crack sand
- Alderaan embers
- Ewok dandruff
- The Force

*Emek is not responsible for damage to your posters from any of these items.
**He is also not responsible for damage to you from trying to obtain these items.

Or, you can be boring and just use rice, BBs, your stash, etc...

One set per customer/address. Don't have your Droid make a second purchase for you. We reserve the right to cancel orders suspected of trying to circumvent this little-known part of the Jedi Code.